The Philadelphia School District chooses Cunningham Piano Company

In these trying times, many music and arts programs have been cut back, or worse, stopped all together. In Philadelphia, this is still a challenge. But it is one that the staff, faculty, and administration of Philadelphia School District are well armed to meet.

Virginia Lam, Content Specialist for Music Education, says,"We are committed through the Superintendent's Imagine 2014 strategic plan to fully embrace the Arts within our schools, within our planning, and within our curriculum. We have just gone through the single largest hiring of new teachers for the Arts in Philadelphia in decades."

The Philadelphia School District has also invested in instruments. After an exhaustive search and comparison of the many instruments available, the District has chosen Mason & Hamlin semi-concert grand pianos (Model BB) as the main concert instrument for some of their high schools.

In reference to this decision, Philadelphia School District piano technician Howard Stickley commented, "I have regarded the Mason & Hamlin as the premiere American instrument for many years. I am happy that the Philadelphia school district agrees and I look forward to servicing these pianos for many years."

From left: Howard Stickly, District Piano Technician
Kirk and Gary Burgett, Co-owners of Mason & Hamlin
Victor Benvenuto, District Piano Technician
Seated: Virginia Lam, Content Specialist for Music Education
Judul: The Philadelphia School District chooses Cunningham Piano Company
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