Glossary of Musical Terms

I recently added a cool "Glossary of Musical Terms" at one of my websites. You should check it out!

This is an expanding list of musical and music-business related terms. It has brief, yet concise definitions of important words. Not everything will be here as we already have dictionaries for those terms.

There are often many definitions for a word and I will mainly list a musically-oriented, simple definition or two for each one. Sometimes simple is good! (As time goes on I will be adding more involved and more in-depth definitions that you can access by clicking on words that are hyper-linked.)

The main focus is musical terms that are commonly mis-understood, or should be known by anyone playing or studying music.

I just started this project in March or 2010 and it will be expanding over the next few months. If there is anything you need a definition for let me know.

These entries are all from my teaching materials. In a music lesson, everything in presented in context to what a student is learning. Since this is just a list of terms, you might want to read the “Preface” sections that accompany these terms in one of my lessons and it could give you a bigger picture of what this is all about. Just a suggestion.

If there are any terms you need to have cleared up, let me know and I'll see what I can do. OK?

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