My last lesson of the day

I'm off to a gig, but wanted to drop in a quick note about my last guitar student today. (It was a full day: two bass students, three guitar student and one piano student.)

This beginning student was having difficulty singing a song while strumming the guitar. Hello? Beginning student? Not fluid with independence between singing and playing?

This is very, very common. She had been coached by a few people on how to accomplish this with little success. She was coached by non-professional music instructors so the advice was well intended, yet not very effective. (No offense guys.)

At the end of her "formal lesson," we worked on the song. I broke down all the steps, wrote some things out on paper for her to follow and drilled her on HOW to practice.

She started feeling bad about not being able to "naturally" do this. She left feeling great about being able to get this down in a very short period of time; a week or two.

Singing and playing at the same time is NOT a skill that is inherent to everyone.

It IS a skill that is readily learned.

Marty B.
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