Technical or Musical?

One of my singer/songwriter students is currently working on creating different kinds of melodies over chord progressions using different scale forms.

He’s a singer/lyricist/recording engineer, who is already proficient with songwriting—from a pure lyrics, feeling and personal expression point of view, which is great. However, to take it to the next level, he is expanding his writing with additional musical training: ear training balanced with theory to stabilize what he is doing, applying this to writing and singing, along with lots of piano application.

An important point we went over today, was taking each lesson step from the technical to the musical, both on the piano and with the ears while singing. The first priorities are understanding what things are in relation to the actual sounds and doing everything on both piano and voice.

The next, and most important, step is: let’s create melodies without any attention on mechanics or theory. Have the fingers express what is felt, heard and sung, rather then singing what the fingers are playing (as that’s backwards). And singing new melodies based on what is being learned. The step is finished when the musical application is comfortable: pure create.

That’s where the fun is, that’s where the real music is, that’s where the emotion is. Write, play and sing what you conceive, what you hear and what you feel: say what you want to say without any barriers.

Pure communication.

Pure create.

Pure music!

And I have said what I wanted to say!

Marty B.
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