Music Lessons Payoff in the Real World

Here's an example of applying private music lessons to life:


"This week I had a breakthrough in composing for my band.

"I just finished talking with my girlfriend, who is also a musician, over the phone and I had just started working on my exercises for the week given to me by Marty. Now not only do I have to thank my girlfriend for this because she has an amazing ability to inspire music writing in me, but while I was on a rhythm drill had this great idea for a song that I had been writing since October.

"Before this, I had small progress in the song and was about ready to put the song away for good and place the riffs already written into a new song. But doing the exercise helped open my mind and assisted in crumbling the wall to pieces that was my writer’s block. Ideas were flooding into my mind and I was just completing section after section. Before I knew it I had just written all of the guitar parts for this song in just 30 minutes, which added up to around 6 minutes of play time.

"Also, I decided to implement some different styles of music into the song along with rapidly changing notes, from whole notes to 16th notes, and incorporating variations encompassing heavy metal riffs to triad solos to clean chord progressions. I worked it so well to a point where the listener doesn’t lose interest in any part of the song!

"Another successful action that helped me achieve this was analyzing different songs with Marty and recognizing all of the changes taking place in the song such as allowing space and adding in heavier notes to accompany and grant emphasis to a simple melody. I had a huge win on this and feel like an even more causative guitarist and musician in my songwriting."


Very Well Done Alex!

I take a lot of care when I teach, and it's awesome when students directly apply what they learn to their life (as most of them do).

And if you are studying music, what's your goal? And are your studies aligned with it?

This applies to all levels of musicianship. As I am currently focusing on composing, my studies vary from when I was mainly working on increasing playing abilities. (Though most things cross-relate.)

Happy playing!

Marty B.
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