In Memoriam: Angelo Andino b. 3/1/47 d. 8/15/10

Angelo Andino is a name known to just about any piano technician or rebuilder familiar with the Steinway culture of New York City. Frankly, he is known to many piano technicians, musicians, and rebuilders well outside of his area of business.

Angelo worked at the Steinway factory in Astoria for a little over 20 years. While he was there his responsibilities included duplicating soundboards and pinblocks for historic Steinway pianos. Recognized by the company, he was chosen to be on the team that rebuilt Steinway #100000, which the company gave to the White House as The Presidential Concert Grand in 1903.

Angelo Andino stands fourth from the right among Steinway officials and the rest of the rebuilding team.

President Jimmy Carter owns a personal piano but was very pleased with the work performed on Steinway Grand #100000. This piano now resides in The Smithsonian Institute and is considered a National Treasure.

But this is not where Angelo's story ends. Angelo went on to work with many of the Northeast United States most recognized rebuilding firms as a soundboard specialist, a manager, or a partner. During this period Angelo also did work for Cunningham Piano Company. 

What made Angelo Andino notable was his willingness to share what he knew, particularly as he matured.  There are piano technicians across the Northeast region and in the Steinway factory today that owe a portion of their knowledge to Angelo Andino.

Angelo's son, Jason, worked in the same capacity as Angelo at the Steinway factory in Astoria for 13 years himself. Jason shared his father's reaction when he told him that he was leaving Steinway to join Cunningham Piano Company:

"My father thought it was a very good idea to join Cunningham Piano Company. He said he had done work for them over the years, knew some of the people there, and knew that they were passionate about great pianos. It was also a family atmosphere, which was very attractive to me.

He also encouraged me to gain more experience with the rest of the world's finest pianos and that has been a great part of my work in Philadelphia. At Cunningham I have worked on Bosendorfer, Bechstein, Chickering, Knabe, Mason & Hamlin, and others. These are tremendous instruments and I am enjoying the knowledge I've gained and the variety of pianos that I am now working with."

Angelo Andino never stopped learning... and never stopped teaching. Pictured above is Angelo working with his son, Jason, who is a well respected craftsman in the industry in his own right.

Angelo Andino is survived by his two children, Jason and Allison, his five grandchildren, and a grateful industry. God bless you, Angelo. You are missed.

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