Checking out the latest batch for Indiana University's Jacobs School of Music

Stephen R. Shaver is Head Piano Technician at Indiana University's Jacobs School of Music. He has worked with many artists over the past 35 years there and has gained tremendous respect from his colleagues and students.

Stephen began as a staff piano technician at the school at age 23 after completing an apprenticeship in the field. By 1991 he was teaching piano technology and was responsible for the maintenance and management of about 450 acoustic pianos used by over 1700 students in the school of music.

Stephen Shaver practices his craft

We were very pleased to host a visit by Stephen to Cunningham Piano Company.

The reason for the visit was to see a number of Steinway pianos that we had rebuilt for the Jacobs School of Music and were now ready to return to the school.  What we did not expect was how easily Stephen shared his knowledge and experience. In fact, the technical exchange that occured throughout the day was inspiring.

Stephen closely observes Kurt Weissman's voicing techniques

It is fair to say that everyone involved learned something about the instrument that we all love and for which we have a passion.

During a break in technical work, Dr. Clay Armstrong chats with Mr. Shaver. Stephen was generous with his time and was willing to offer consultations to any customers who had questions for him.

When asked who he has learned the most from, Stephen responded candidly, "My greatest teachers have always been artists. If I am able to listen... really listen to what they desire in a piano and 'hear through their pain' I am often able to discover something beautiful. It creates an interesting relationship."

He also gave his thoughts on the growing relationship with Cunningham Piano Company. " I am most impressed with the value that Cunningham has given us in their rebuilding services. The work they have done is consistent, the quality is tremendous, and their price is reasonable. This is a great combination and I am very happy with the product they've provided."

Judul: Checking out the latest batch for Indiana University's Jacobs School of Music
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