George Crumb and Cunningham Piano Company

George Crumb's reputation as a composer of hauntingly beautiful scores has made him one of the most frequently performed composers in today's musical world. From Los Angeles to Moscow, and from Scandinavia to South America, festivals devoted to the music of George Crumb have sprung up like wildflowers. Crumb, the winner of a 2001 Grammy Award and the 1968 Pulitzer Prize in Music, continues to compose new scores that enrich the musical lives of those who come in contact with his profoundly humanistic art. At the time of this writing, he is also a nominee for a 2011 Grammy Award.

We are very proud that Mr. Crumb has just chosen Cunningham Piano Company to restore his Steinway grand piano that he has used for decades. Since he has traveled extensively as a composer, a clinician, and a teacher, he has had the opportunity to meet many people and play many pianos. This is doubly exciting for us because George Crumb has always been known for his discernment of a tonal palette in his compositions... as well as in his piano.

George Crumb at his piano

We are honored that Mr. Crumb feels comfortable with choosing us to improve his prized possession. We are also equally honored by his choice of grand piano to play in his home while we work on his piano. After auditioning many choices, Mr. Crumb chose a new Cunningham grand piano to play on in his home for the next several months. 
We asked for his thoughts on this piano and he responded, "I like the New Cunningham grand pianos quite a bit. They have a very nice tone and action.I will enjoy playing on them." 
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