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When artistically rebuilding a piano, the way the action responds when the restoration is complete depends largely on action geometry. In other words, how all of the action parts were designed to interact with each other to provide the desired contact of hammer with string and an immediate recovery for quick repetition. Can the musician "feel" this response as they were meant to by the manufacturer?
This is not a simple interaction as you can see by looking over this action model.

See an animated virtual grand piano action in motion

After spending a little time with the virtual action, it becomes easy to understand how important the relationship between the different action parts are to the performance of any piano. This is why a new innovation available to piano rebuilders is so exciting to us.
Wessel, Nickel, and Gross is an action builder who has come out with a series of action parts, including repetitions, shanks, and flanges, that are entirely made of composite materials.

These new parts combine a base resin of Nylon and a long fiber to create a composite that is both strong and rigid. Nylon has been in wide use for 50 years. The fiber is durable to the extreme.
Material scientists expect, in the benign environment of a piano, a minimum life expectancy of 100 years. Indeed, it could last much longer.

The use of composite materials has allowed WNG to design a repetition with features impossible to execute in wood. WNG's heel locating system, integrated button, stop and optional rest cushion would not have been possible if the parts had been made from wood.

A great deal of effort has been put into lightening the repetition. A testament to this fact is its unusual shape, designed entirely for the purpose of reducing mass or shifting mass towards the center of rotation. By reducing the moment of inertia, WNG has reduced the dynamic touch resistance felt by the pianist.

Complete Wessel, Nickel, and Gross action after installation

The design of these parts also allows a rebuilder to "customize" the dimensions of any repetition to fit unusual action designs. Pianos with these designs have previously been prohibitively expensive to duplicate amd have been passed over for restoration due to this expense. The huge benefit is that some of these wonderful pianos may now be rebuilt without the huge extra expense.

It is important to observe that this design could not have been executed in wood.
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