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Today we had the pleasure of hosting the owner of one of the world's most popular piano related websites and a friend of Cunningham Piano Company, Mr. Frank Baxter.

Frank has been in the piano industry for years., but has never had the experience of touring the facilities here at Cunningham Piano Company. He has also had a career in I.T. as well and his website, http://www.pianoworld.com/, was a wonderful blend of his passions.

He now has over 40,000 members and gets literally millions of hits each year. It was great to see Frank and meet his new lady friend Kathy. In the picture above, Frank tries out his hand at piano refinishing. He has done so much in the piano industry, but this was his first time with a finishing gun in his hand. Frankly, he is a natural.

We took a tour of the entire rebuilding facility, including the floor where the new Cunningham Pianos are uncrated, regulated, tuned, and prepped. Here we see Frank taking a break from his difficult finishing work.

Tim Oliver, Co-Owner of Cunningham Piano Company couldn't wait to model his new PianoWorld T-shirt as he gets to know Kathy better.

Time to test some concert grand pianos! The first instrument auditioned by Frank is the Boesendorfer 9'2" model 280.

The Cunningham 9 ft. grand is next. This has been quite a popular instrument in performance around the Philadelphia area over the past few months.

Next on the comparison list is the Mason & Hamlin CC - a 9'4" grand piano.

Finally, we test a big beautiful Steinway grand piano.

I am sure that Frank has his personal preferences. I encourage him to add his thoughts and impressions to our blog when he has a spare moment.

On to our second floor and our recital area. Although there are dozens of beautiful grand pianos to choose from in this area, Frank settles down and enjoys a Boesendorfer 225 7'4" semi-concert grand piano. Not a bad choice, Frank.

We thought that there was a striking resemblance between Patrick J. Cunningham, the founder of our organization and Frank Baxter, the founder of PianoWorld. Is this just a coincidence??

Nice group photo - left to right:

Milo, Frank, Kathy, Tim, Pete, and Rich.

It is always good to see others in this industry and get their feedback on what you are doing right... and what you can improve. If given the chance, Frank Baxter is a man with lots of knowledge that is very willing to share it.

We look forward to seeing Frank and Kathy here at Cunningham Piano Company again and again - to audition some great instruments - and to spend some time with friends.

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