Kutztown University Debuts their new Roland digital Harpsichord

Part of the challenge presented to today's music programs is to give their students an authentic experience when dealing with historic music. Although period music can be played on modern instruments, students (and sometimes their professors) can see a facet of the composition they never knew existed by hearing and performing on instruments for which a piece was originally written.

Owning historic instruments is expensive, but the cost of maintaining them has made this investment prohibitive for many colleges and schools of music... until now.

Kutztown University has solved this problem gracefully with one today's finest digital instrument made with this purpose in mind - the Roland C-30. They recently debutted this new addition in a faculty/student recital that featured three types of classic harpsichord: Flemish, French, and the muted stop called the Lute.

The Roland is set up and ready for the recital

Further, the musicians demonstrated two types of Continuo Organ registrations, an early version of the Pianoforte, and the Celesta.

Dr. Ina Grapenthin performs the Fantasia in d minor by Telemann for a young captive audience
Faculty performers included:
Dr. Maria Asteriadou
Dr. Daniel Immel
Dr. Ina Grapenthin
Dr. Marie - Aline Cadieux
Dr. Trucilla Sabatino
Dr. Susanna Laowy

Dr. Grapenthin remarked, "By playing Baroque pieces by composers such as Bach and Handel on the harpsichord, or Classical Period pieces by Mozart on the Pianoforte, the audience can experience this music as it was originally written and heard."

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