Buttwinick Musical Services Update ~ July 2011


As 2011 roles along, activity is activated and production is purposeful!
I hope all is well with you, and here is an update from my zones of creation:


I just finished four mixes of original music with my engineer, Richard Robinson. The music covers rock-fusion and swing, along with a cool funk ballad and romantic Bolero. I wrote the Bolero and swing tune for a concert I put on a few years back, and the other two were from my catalog. These pieces will soon be at iTunes as well as other Internet music sites. They are posted at my music page so... take a listen! (There other music at this site, but you've probably heard those pieces already ;-)


My student's are winning like crazy. (Sometimes ya have to brag...) My personalized curriculum continues to expand, and every lesson is really fun. Two songwriter students have finished tracks in major studios, while another just played the "Whiskey" on the famous Sunset Strip. A piano student went from focusing on reading to grooving and playing blues while an alto sax is being assaulted by another! You can see a list of current students here, success stories here, and more about what I do here.

Also, anyone you know who is bogged with their current musical studies or wants to start some enhancement yet doesn't know what, should click here. I'm a good trouble shooter/consultant and this page will tell you more about it.

Musicians' How-To Series

Book publishing continues to expand. We recently developed a new customer who purchased all 15 titles and is getting ready for his band consultations.

And what is this about? Read on...

"There is more to being a musician than fingering notes on an instrument. There are the subtleties of group interaction, musicianship, repertoire, the business side (if you are a professional), and many additional subjects.

The Musicians' How-To Series consists of short- to medium-length e-books about a variety of music-related topics. This series provides musicians and singers with supplemental information that for the most part isn't taught in schools and might or might not be learned on one's own or from a private instructor. Much of this information has never before been in print.They are designed to throw in your bag or instrument case, take to your gig, rehearsal or jam, and PUT TO USE!"

That's all folks!

Well, there's always more: gigging, new books, blogs, a regular rock-band-teaching gig I have, copywork, etc. But the above are the main points I wanted to tell you about.

So I did.

And thank you for reading this!

Let me know if there is anything I can help you with. OK?

Marty B.

Marty Buttwinick
(818) 242-7551
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