Larry Fine, author and piano technician, spends some quality time in Philly

Today at Cunningham Piano we had a visitor who spent time in our restoration facility, examined some of our new Cunningham Pianos, discussed our methods and techniques with our staff, and generally caught up with old friends.

Our visitor was Larry Fine, author of The Piano Book and The PianoBuyer! It was a very good time

Larry Fine (far right) discusses a very special piano restoration of an 1875 Steinway concert grand piano with Kurt Weissman (far left) and Tim Oliver (center). This piano was the very first 88 note model ever made.

Larry Fine and our factory staff have an informal question and answer session. Larry shared alot about how he began in the industry, what brought him to write, and how he prepared to write his first book.  

Today, Larry Fine became an "Honorary Cunningham Piano Technician"(Notice the shirt?). He was kind enough to say that he truly admired the work he saw here in our rebuilds and in our new Cunningham Piano. We are looking forward to his review in the next issue of The PianoBuyer.

Mr. Fine had a comment about his visit. He said, "In my position I have to be careful in anything I say, because I must keep an objective eye and my job requires me to be unbiased. I will say though that I am very pleased to see how advanced your thinking is in regards to everything you do, from the detail work that I see in every restoration to the continual improvement of the New Cunningham pianos. I can see why you are successful."

Here is an "on the fly" video of us discussing the newest design elements of the New Cunningham piano:

Judul: Larry Fine, author and piano technician, spends some quality time in Philly
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